Best data recovery software of 2020

Data recovery refers to a process of recovering lost or corrupted data from secondary storage devices, also known as external devices. The examples of the secondary devices are pen-drives, hard drives, etc. To run this process on any of the external devices, you need to install a data recovery software. There are different kinds ofContinue reading “Best data recovery software of 2020”

How to Use Instagram Insights

When it comes to understanding your audience and their behavior, data is the only thing you can trust. This is where analytics and insights come to play. They help us with the impacts of our marketing efforts to know which area needs improvement. Instagram insights are the same. It lets Instagram Business Account users seeContinue reading “How to Use Instagram Insights”

Best Skills Build for Ellie in Last of Us 2

The game is attaining a positive review from gamers as well as critics. Gamers across the globe are quite fond of horror-survivor genre video games, and thus, they like The Last of Us 2. It took nearly seven years to Naughty Dog to craft a new version of The Last of Us: Remastered. Thus, theContinue reading “Best Skills Build for Ellie in Last of Us 2”

Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?

YouTube TV subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month as YouTube has increased the subscription price again. Is YouTube TV services worth it? YouTube has increased subscription prices once again for YouTube TV. Now, it will cost $64. 99 every month to the subscribers of YouTube TV if they want to enjoy their favoriteContinue reading “Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?”

Impressive Number of Viewers at PlayStation 5 Reveal

According to the published streaming analytics, the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the upcoming game showcase boasted a massive number of viewers watching the live event, and it was the first time ever in the company’s history. Sony’s “Future of Gaming” live stream was a very highly anticipated event within the gaming industry becauseContinue reading “Impressive Number of Viewers at PlayStation 5 Reveal”

How to Fix Sound Not Working on Instagram?

Can you imagine a day without Instagram? A day without posting good stuff, or merely scrolling to interesting feeds? Well, this sounds impossible. A picture and video sharing platform, Instagram have never stopped winning millions of hearts since its inception. But what if you decide to watch a video on the platform and the soundContinue reading “How to Fix Sound Not Working on Instagram?”

How You Can Add Multi-Room Music To AirPlay 2 Supported Speakers

Apple recently launched an iOS update with an Airplay 2 feature which allows users to play music in multiple rooms at the same time. The feature is quite amazing and it allows iPhone and iPad users to listen to their music and tracks in more than one place at the same time. Besides this, severalContinue reading “How You Can Add Multi-Room Music To AirPlay 2 Supported Speakers”

9 Ways in Which Technology Helps in Alleviating Poverty

Sounds strange? Well, don’t get surprised as technology is helping most of us in incredible ways. We all need to be thankful for technology as it has proved to be one spot solution for generational poverty. It comes with various ways to put an end to poverty, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted asContinue reading “9 Ways in Which Technology Helps in Alleviating Poverty”

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