How to Adjust the Bass on Your Windows PC

Some of the Windows computers have a Sound setting feature which permits users to add and customize the Equalizer APO. But in most of the Windows computers, you will have to download a third-party equalizer to adjust the bass on your computer. Let’s check out the process to adjust bass on computers. Steps to AdjustContinue reading “How to Adjust the Bass on Your Windows PC”

How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux

If you want to uninstall software from your PC running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, then here are the two different ways you can use in your computer to uninstall Ubuntu software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Ubuntu Linux only or running it with another operating system. You can uninstall programs by using TerminalContinue reading “How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux”

How to Delete Thumbnails Cache in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1

A copy of all of your photos, documents, and videos thumbnails is stored in the system as Cache database. This is done so that the system can load and display the files quickly when a folder is opened. Sometimes these thumbnails cache become corrupt, and then the thumbnail preview will not work. This thumbnail previewContinue reading “How to Delete Thumbnails Cache in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1”

5 of the Best Parenting Apps in 2019

Parenting involves rearing a child in a way that his physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development meets the soundest standards. It involves raising a child with an emotional attachment rather than only taking the biological relationship as the pivot. But as much as there are hassles in child upbringing, there are solutions available in theContinue reading “5 of the Best Parenting Apps in 2019”

How To Check Which Apps Are Tracking Location on iPhone?

Mostly everyone knows that the applications on iPhones have a feature to track locations, but you need to provide the access for the same. For some of the applications, such as Google Maps, it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t allow the Google Map to track your location. But the contradiction arises when appsContinue reading “How To Check Which Apps Are Tracking Location on iPhone?”

How To Disable VoiceOver On Mac?

The VoiceOver is an inbuilt display reader in Mac systems. It loudly reads the content of any website and document. This feature is especially useful for visually impaired people as they can go through the net and use the device with ease. While a majority of the people find it useful, some people get annoyedContinue reading “How To Disable VoiceOver On Mac?”

How to View, Download, Delete, and Share the Photos on iCloud

In case the Apple users’ use the services provided by the iCloud Photo Library, then they can view their pictures or videos uploaded on iCloud or by using its official website. They can also maintain their photos and video into a new album by logging in to the iCloud account. How to View iCloud PhotosContinue reading “How to View, Download, Delete, and Share the Photos on iCloud”

How To Troubleshoot Xbox One Update Issues

Are you facing problem while updating Xbox One? If yes, you should surely go through this blog carefully as it will offer you major tips that can help you to do update. Solutions for the Xbox One update errors Update Xbox One offline The offline update should be done whenever the Xbox One cannot getContinue reading “How To Troubleshoot Xbox One Update Issues”

How to Share Files on Google Drive from Phone and Desktop

Google Drive helps the users to keep all their documents into a drive such as videos, pictures, and files. Here the user can invite the other user to see their pictures videos, files, editing or commenting on them into the “Comment” section. In case the users wish to share their documents on Google Drive, thenContinue reading “How to Share Files on Google Drive from Phone and Desktop”

How to Set a Move Goal and View Progress in Activity App on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch users find the Activity application already installed in their smartwatch when they purchase it for the first time. Apple Watch’s feature of calorie goal helps the users to know how much calories they have burned in a day and check all the history which they had recorded at the time of theContinue reading “How to Set a Move Goal and View Progress in Activity App on Apple Watch”

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