Whistle GO Explore Review: A Smart Pet Tracker

Being a pet parent is not easy. While most of the furries love to cuddle and play, there are some that might not like you snuggling and playing with them. Some pet parents are always worried about their pets and what they are up to. If you can relate to this, then one thing youContinue reading “Whistle GO Explore Review: A Smart Pet Tracker”

Motorola 5G Plus: A Budget Smartphone with Premium Features and Massive Battery

Lenovo owned subsidiary Motorola is making all the right moves to make a name for itself in the 2020 mobile market. The mobile company recently announced the next edition in the G series. The Moto G 5G Plus is turning out to be one of the best budget smartphones in its segment. So, let’s findContinue reading “Motorola 5G Plus: A Budget Smartphone with Premium Features and Massive Battery”

How to Use Instagram Insights

When it comes to understanding your audience and their behavior, data is the only thing you can trust. This is where analytics and insights come to play. They help us with the impacts of our marketing efforts to know which area needs improvement. Instagram insights are the same. It lets Instagram Business Account users seeContinue reading “How to Use Instagram Insights”

Fleabag Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

Background The British comedy-drama series was aired on television with its first season on 21 July 2016. Its second season was concluded on 8 April 2019 which is also considered as its final season. However, the fans are still waiting for its third season, but there are no official announcements from its makers regarding itContinue reading “Fleabag Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know”

Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?

YouTube TV subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month as YouTube has increased the subscription price again. Is YouTube TV services worth it? YouTube has increased subscription prices once again for YouTube TV. Now, it will cost $64. 99 every month to the subscribers of YouTube TV if they want to enjoy their favoriteContinue reading “Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?”

Best Way to Use the Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft launched its Family Safety app as a response to the Family Link app of Google. Family Safety app not only provides you with an insight into the activities of your child while using a phone but also regarding their current location. Moreover, it allows the users to set time limits while using any appContinue reading “Best Way to Use the Microsoft Family Safety App”

Top 8 Best Fortnite Chapter 1 Skins Ranked

One thing that Fortnite has in its corner is its variety of skins available for players to play with. So let us look back to Chapter one and list out the most awesome ones that we know. The first chapter of the Battle Royale was really exciting for the players, thanks to the game’s constantContinue reading “Top 8 Best Fortnite Chapter 1 Skins Ranked”

Destiny 2 New Season’s Upcoming Exotic Weapon Sounds Crazy

A datamine of the upcoming exotic weapon coming in Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals looks to have a unique, insane new perk for the game. With the new season being launched recently, there has been a lot of talk about new content regarding various aspects of the game. And the thing that is leading theContinue reading “Destiny 2 New Season’s Upcoming Exotic Weapon Sounds Crazy”

StarCraft Easter Egg: Avoid Zerg Rush Defeat

Till now, several games and features have been released on Google search, and they often remain hidden in the search browser. StarCraft is also one of those games which often remain hidden as a StarCraft Easter egg in Google Search. The game allows the users to go for a Zerg rush associated with the gameContinue reading “StarCraft Easter Egg: Avoid Zerg Rush Defeat”

Silent Hill P.T. Trailer is Even Scarier in VR

Virtual Reality is a huge step forward for the gaming industry, and the kind of immersion it has can be seen from the huge success of the new Hal-Life: Alyx game. But the success these games might have with horror games as players are inherently inside the experience in a VR game was depicted perfectlyContinue reading “Silent Hill P.T. Trailer is Even Scarier in VR”

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