How to use Windows 10 Ease of Access

Ease of Access is a feature of Microsoft Windows that comes pre-installed in your Windows 10 device. Ease of Access has various options and settings that makes your PC easier to use.  Here is how to access this feature in Windows 10 and use it. To open Ease of Access in Windows 10 PC: FromContinue reading “How to use Windows 10 Ease of Access”

Enhance Your Business with These Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media has emerged as the new platform for businesses across the globe for pioneering transformation, promotion, and enabling optimum fruition. Most businesses readily embrace social media marketing strategy, and only a few feel skeptical or perplexed before taking any approach. It requires proper planning and execution to carve any plan that will create aContinue reading “Enhance Your Business with These Social Media Marketing Tips”

How to Delete Thumbnails Cache in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1

A copy of all of your photos, documents, and videos thumbnails is stored in the system as Cache database. This is done so that the system can load and display the files quickly when a folder is opened. Sometimes these thumbnails cache become corrupt, and then the thumbnail preview will not work. This thumbnail previewContinue reading “How to Delete Thumbnails Cache in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1”

How to Download Books from Google Play Books

You can access and download ebooks from Google Play Books library on an Android, iOS, and PC. Use the Google Play Books app on your mobile device and Google Play Books website on a computer to download and read your books. With the app, you can read your books and magazines even without internet orContinue reading “How to Download Books from Google Play Books”

How To Disable VoiceOver On Mac?

The VoiceOver is an inbuilt display reader in Mac systems. It loudly reads the content of any website and document. This feature is especially useful for visually impaired people as they can go through the net and use the device with ease. While a majority of the people find it useful, some people get annoyedContinue reading “How To Disable VoiceOver On Mac?”

How To Customize iPad Side Switch Behavior?

You may have noticed that iPad side switch is used for making it mute. This is set by default. You can change it from the settings of the iPad. People prefer locking the orientation of their device when they are watching a movie or reading a text. Majority of the people get annoyed if theirContinue reading “How To Customize iPad Side Switch Behavior?”

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