How to Activate and Use Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft has added this new feature ‘Windows Sandbox’ in the May update of Windows 10. The program is useful for keeping your Windows 10 device safe from untrusted applications. You can use Windows Sandbox for testing or temporarily using an unauthorized or untrusted program on your Windows 10 system. You should try this feature ifContinue reading “How to Activate and Use Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 May 2019 Update”

How to Access and Use the Sync Center in Windows 10?

Sync Center is the amazing feature of Windows 10 which lets users to easily sync their whole information or data between the offline files and computer system which usually saved in the folders of the network servers. Sync Center was first introduced with the Windows Vista and has been compatible with almost all Windows versions.Continue reading “How to Access and Use the Sync Center in Windows 10?”

Top 7 Computers for Music Production in 2019

Nowadays, Music production can be done with the use of only a decent computer. It no longer demands best in the class studio hardware and space for composing music. All you need is a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW to get started. There are multiple DAWs available in the market for all the platforms. Though,Continue reading “Top 7 Computers for Music Production in 2019”

How to extract zip files in iOS and Android

There isn’t a built-in tool in iOS and Android devices that can open a zip file or folder directly. So, to extract a .zip file in your phone or tab, you need to install an app. Let’s explore the process of extracting zip files in iOS and Android devices. How to extract zip files inContinue reading “How to extract zip files in iOS and Android”

6 Best Alternatives for The Sims in 2019

If you are done with exploring The Sims world, you can now try various exciting alternatives. Live the fantasy life to the fullest and enjoy designing and decorating in the same way as the Sims with other relevant games in the market. On that note, let’s have a look at the best seven games likeContinue reading “6 Best Alternatives for The Sims in 2019”

How to Adjust the Bass on Your Windows PC

Some of the Windows computers have a Sound setting feature which permits users to add and customize the Equalizer APO. But in most of the Windows computers, you will have to download a third-party equalizer to adjust the bass on your computer. Let’s check out the process to adjust bass on computers. Steps to AdjustContinue reading “How to Adjust the Bass on Your Windows PC”

How to Enable or Disable Push Notifications in Google Chrome

The push notifications feature permits the applications, sites, and some browsing software from sending notifications, private messages and different types of alerts. If you enable push notifications on your default browser, then it will help you to get updates about the latest news and some other interesting stuff. In case you disable the push notificationsContinue reading “How to Enable or Disable Push Notifications in Google Chrome”

How to Extract a .Zip File Without WinZip

Do you want to extract a Zip file? There is already a software installed on the Windows PC and Mac which will help you to extract a ZIP file. You can download non-WinZip applications on Android and iPhone to open a ZIP file without WinZip. Steps to Extract ZIP File on Windows •    First, youContinue reading “How to Extract a .Zip File Without WinZip”

How to track your run with Google Maps

In Google Maps you can record the distances between two or more than two places, and you can create a running route. Many tools are available that you can use with Google Maps to track your run. You can use these tools to measure the distance of your run, walk, jog and hike. Here isContinue reading “How to track your run with Google Maps”

How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux

If you want to uninstall software from your PC running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, then here are the two different ways you can use in your computer to uninstall Ubuntu software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Ubuntu Linux only or running it with another operating system. You can uninstall programs by using TerminalContinue reading “How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux”

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