MagSafe is a brand new charging system integrated into various Apple iPhones such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Effectively, all these phones have an in-built magnetic system that magnetically snaps the iPhone, whenever you pair it with a MagSafe charger. It is far better thanContinue reading “BEST MAGSAFE ACCESSORIES FOR THE IPHONE 12”

5 Worst Things That The Dinosaurs Did In Jurassic Park And World

Dinosaurs have been very famous among audiences since the release of the first dinosaur-film. Their popularity has been increasing throughout several years. In the year 1993, Spielberg made the first movie on the concept of dinosaurs that created a huge sensation among the audiences regarding the existence of dinosaurs. Starting from the original Jurassic ParkContinue reading “5 Worst Things That The Dinosaurs Did In Jurassic Park And World”

How to Manage Settings of Android Autofill

Autofill can be defined as the dedicated framework that manages communication efficiently between the different apps of Android and Autofill. Android autofill improves the user experience by saving not only their personal information and addresses but also passwords and payment methods. The framework is connected to all apps of Google, including Google Pay and GoogleContinue reading “How to Manage Settings of Android Autofill”

Amazon VP Quits after Company fires the Whistleblowers

Tim Bray, who worked as the senior engineer and also Vice president (VP) at A.W.S. (Amazon Web Services) wrote in his blog; the fact that the organization is firing whistleblowers drawing attention towards the frightful state of warehouse workers at Amazon, have dismayed him. Bray said that if he remained an Amazon Vice president, thenContinue reading “Amazon VP Quits after Company fires the Whistleblowers”

How to Download and Install macOS Version Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 3 to Mac

Developers are keen to know about the trends in the market. Here is how to install developer beta in Mac. New Features of macOS version Catalina beta Below mentioned are the new features and the steps to perform the testing of new features: Taking Archived Backup via Time Machine An external HDD needs to beContinue reading “How to Download and Install macOS Version Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 3 to Mac”


Environment Variables store information about our login sessions stored for the system to use commands. Many variables are set by default, while many of them are installed. Environment Variables apply to all the updated systems, but here we shall talk specifically about Linux. Here is how you can set environment variables on Linux: Working ofContinue reading “HOW TO SET ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES IN BASH ON LINUX”

How to Use your iPhone as a Webcam

iPhone’s have a high-quality camera due to which it is one of the leading brands today. An iPhone camera could be used for professional photography in absence of DSLRs, but there is another use of an iPhone camera. Webcams are not easy to find under current circumstances, so why not use an iPhone camera asContinue reading “How to Use your iPhone as a Webcam”

The Secure Group Video Calls of Telegram to Come Soon

Telegram has announced an even more unique and significant new feature of security first identity to group video calls in the year 2020. Telegram is one of the most successful but smaller social media channels all across the globe. The social media platform is expanding the roster of its features and going to add the secure group videoContinue reading “The Secure Group Video Calls of Telegram to Come Soon”

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