How To Disable Location Services On iPhone Or Android?

All of us knows that the latest smartphones mark the digital tracks wherever their owner goes. Basically, the Location Services option of the smartphone gets to know wherever the owner goes and then passes on that information to the phone’s OS or applications.   Reasons behind disabling Location Services Generally, people turn on the locationContinue reading “How To Disable Location Services On iPhone Or Android?”

How To Enable Zoom On Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a smartwatch. It is marketed by Apple Inc and comprises of an inbuilt magnification tool known as Zoom. After turning it on, it enlarges the Apple Watch interface of the user. This makes the display more clear to view and easy to use. This is mainly for the people who are notContinue reading “How To Enable Zoom On Apple Watch?”

How To Troubleshoot Xbox One Update Issues

Are you facing problem while updating Xbox One? If yes, you should surely go through this blog carefully as it will offer you major tips that can help you to do update. Solutions for the Xbox One update errors Update Xbox One offline The offline update should be done whenever the Xbox One cannot getContinue reading “How To Troubleshoot Xbox One Update Issues”

How to Share Files on Google Drive from Phone and Desktop

Google Drive helps the users to keep all their documents into a drive such as videos, pictures, and files. Here the user can invite the other user to see their pictures videos, files, editing or commenting on them into the “Comment” section. In case the users wish to share their documents on Google Drive, thenContinue reading “How to Share Files on Google Drive from Phone and Desktop”

How to Set a Move Goal and View Progress in Activity App on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch users find the Activity application already installed in their smartwatch when they purchase it for the first time. Apple Watch’s feature of calorie goal helps the users to know how much calories they have burned in a day and check all the history which they had recorded at the time of theContinue reading “How to Set a Move Goal and View Progress in Activity App on Apple Watch”

How to Remove a Saved Password from a Browser

In case the users has saved several accounts passwords in their default browser, then it will be difficult when they wish to change their password. In case the users remove the password from their default browser, then they should not worry regarding the safety of their account password. Go through the steps to remove aContinue reading “How to Remove a Saved Password from a Browser”

How to Fix Video Won’t Play on iPad Issue

There will be hardly anything worse than settling down with iPad for watching your favorite videos or shows and the video does not start. What will you do if you find that your iPad isn’t playing the video? Don’t worry; various solutions are there that can help you troubleshoot the issue. Shut down the offensiveContinue reading “How to Fix Video Won’t Play on iPad Issue”

How to Fix iPad Not Turning On Issue?

What will you do if you see the black screen on your iPad Mini? Don’t worry as you can get your iPad back in no time. There is a straightforward fix if your iPad mini isn’t turning on after pressing the Home button. Bring it back to life in no time just by following theseContinue reading “How to Fix iPad Not Turning On Issue?”

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