Whistle GO Explore Review: A Smart Pet Tracker

Being a pet parent is not easy. While most of the furries love to cuddle and play, there are some that might not like you snuggling and playing with them. Some pet parents are always worried about their pets and what they are up to. If you can relate to this, then one thing youContinue reading “Whistle GO Explore Review: A Smart Pet Tracker”

Best Emergency Alert Applications of 2020

Suppose you are stuck in an emergency or want to prepare for a disaster that is about to happen as announced by the forecast, then you should have some essential applications on your handset that may help you when you need some urgent facilities. Emergencies might come in unexpected ways. Be it an earthquake, hurricane,Continue reading “Best Emergency Alert Applications of 2020”

Motorola 5G Plus: A Budget Smartphone with Premium Features and Massive Battery

Lenovo owned subsidiary Motorola is making all the right moves to make a name for itself in the 2020 mobile market. The mobile company recently announced the next edition in the G series. The Moto G 5G Plus is turning out to be one of the best budget smartphones in its segment. So, let’s findContinue reading “Motorola 5G Plus: A Budget Smartphone with Premium Features and Massive Battery”

Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Best Shotgun Loadouts

The popular first-person shooter video game, Valorant has a wide range of firearms for the gamers. Thus, this is the prime reason why players are crazy about it. The game has a lot of similarities with Overwatch and Counter-Strike. However, it still manages to become a huge success. Although the weapons, storyline, and characters ofContinue reading “Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Best Shotgun Loadouts”

Facebook Gaming vs Twitch: Which is More Popular & Better?

With the shutting down of Mixer by Microsoft, now the focus is onTwitch and Facebook. However, which one is better? Now, the live streaming market of the video game is left with two contenders: Twitch and Facebook Gaming. It is a good time to compare the two services and features to decide which one isContinue reading “Facebook Gaming vs Twitch: Which is More Popular & Better?”

Fleabag Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know

Background The British comedy-drama series was aired on television with its first season on 21 July 2016. Its second season was concluded on 8 April 2019 which is also considered as its final season. However, the fans are still waiting for its third season, but there are no official announcements from its makers regarding itContinue reading “Fleabag Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know”

Best Skills Build for Ellie in Last of Us 2

The game is attaining a positive review from gamers as well as critics. Gamers across the globe are quite fond of horror-survivor genre video games, and thus, they like The Last of Us 2. It took nearly seven years to Naughty Dog to craft a new version of The Last of Us: Remastered. Thus, theContinue reading “Best Skills Build for Ellie in Last of Us 2”

Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?

YouTube TV subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month as YouTube has increased the subscription price again. Is YouTube TV services worth it? YouTube has increased subscription prices once again for YouTube TV. Now, it will cost $64. 99 every month to the subscribers of YouTube TV if they want to enjoy their favoriteContinue reading “Why Has YouTube TV Monthly Subscription Gone Up?”

Impressive Number of Viewers at PlayStation 5 Reveal

According to the published streaming analytics, the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the upcoming game showcase boasted a massive number of viewers watching the live event, and it was the first time ever in the company’s history. Sony’s “Future of Gaming” live stream was a very highly anticipated event within the gaming industry becauseContinue reading “Impressive Number of Viewers at PlayStation 5 Reveal”

How to Manage Settings of Android Autofill

Autofill can be defined as the dedicated framework that manages communication efficiently between the different apps of Android and Autofill. Android autofill improves the user experience by saving not only their personal information and addresses but also passwords and payment methods. The framework is connected to all apps of Google, including Google Pay and GoogleContinue reading “How to Manage Settings of Android Autofill”

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