Recasting Supernatural (If It Were Made In The UK)

Supernatural is one of the most successful hit-show. It is an excellent entertaining show that includes several beautifully portrayed iconic characters such as Dean, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Lucifer, etc. It was created by Eric Kripke and broadcast on September 13, 2005, on The WB that later becomes part of CW’s lineup. It ran for a long period of fifteen years and ended in the year 2020 with a controversial finale. The show was responsible for making the career of many leading actors because of their amazing performance in the entire series and impressive storyline.

The series includes the strapping Sam Winchester, trusted Castiel, very goofy and handsome Dean, and many such characters that have been adored by the fans for the past few years. In this article, we have discussed some of the actors who have enough potential to portray the characters from Supernatural if it were made on today’s date.

Idris Elba As John

The character of John Winchester is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the series, who has been shown as the father of Dean and Sam. After considering some of the previous performances from Idris Elba, we have concluded that he is the perfect actor on today’s date to portray the character of John Winchester if Supernatural were recreated. He would play the perfect role of an absent father in the lives of his boys. It would be a great idea to show Idris in character haunted by the avenging purpose of the death of his wife.

Marsha Thomason As Mary

Mary Winchester is one of the important characters on the show Supernatural. Mary has been brought back to life in the eleventh season of the series after being killed in an earlier season. The character of Mary is portrayed by the famous actress in Hollywood, Samantha Smith, who has been outstanding throughout the series as the mother of Dean and Sam Winchester. In the newer version of Supernatural, one of the gorgeous actresses, Marsha Thomason, could portray the character of Mary in a perfect way. Mary is a fearless woman, and Marsha has already played spirited roles, which make her ideal to play the role of Mary if Supernatural were created today.

Julien Ovenden As Chuck

The famous actor Rob Benedict portrays the character of Chuck in the series Supernatural. Julien Ovenden is one of the rising stars in Hollywood on today’s date, and he would be a perfect choice to portray the character of Chuck in the latest version of Supernatural. He has already worked in various TV series and movies and possesses a wide variety in her acting skills. He has worked in Downton Abbey, which is a kind of historical drama, Person of Interest, which is a Sci-Fi, and costume drama Bridgerton, which is an ongoing in-demand TV series on Netflix. Ovenden would be the perfect choice for playing the role of unlucky liquor-happy soothsayer Chuck, and after that, boys’ chief nemesis as God himself.

Tobias Menzies As Lucifer

Tobias Menzies is a British actor and becoming famous for his various diverse roles day after day. He has already played the character of gentle Frank Randall and sad character Jack Randall in the romantic fantasy Outlander. He has also played a remarkable role of old Prince Philip in The Crown, which is a British historical drama. He would be a great choice to play the role of Lucifer in today’s version of Supernatural.

Mark Sheppard As Crowley

Mark Sheppard would be the perfect choice to play the role of Crowley if the show Supernatural were made today. The legacy of Sheppard has been an unstoppable legacy. He has played the role of a demon, who is hysterically funny and, at last, become one of the good guys. If the show Supernatural has to be made on today’s date in the United Kingdom, Mark Sheppard would be the best actor to portray the character of Crowley.

This article concludes with some of the best actors who have enough potential to portray their respective characters perfectly if Supernatural were to be made in the UK.


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