5 Worst Things That The Dinosaurs Did In Jurassic Park And World

Dinosaurs have been very famous among audiences since the release of the first dinosaur-film. Their popularity has been increasing throughout several years. In the year 1993, Spielberg made the first movie on the concept of dinosaurs that created a huge sensation among the audiences regarding the existence of dinosaurs. Starting from the original Jurassic Park trilogy to the latest Jurassic World, all the movies have been very impressive so far with a number of dinosaur-actions. However, there are some instances that are terrible, brutal, and horrifying. In this article, we have listed the five worst and unlikeable things that dinosaurs did in Jurassic Park and World films.

T-Rex Devours A Dog

Although the film Lost World: Jurassic Park has been appreciated many times, many people did not like one scene during the climax of the film, which shows a T-Rex becomes uncontrollable in San Diego. It has been considered one of the most horrifying moments. In this scene, the dinosaur T-Rex is drinking water from a swimming pool, and a dog starts barking at the T-Rex. But, before the family arrives at the place in order to investigate, the dinosaur T-Rex has swallowed the dog, which is a silly thing to show.

Compsognathus Attack A Small Girl

In the Jurassic Park movies, this is not the fact that every dinosaur looks scary. Some dinosaurs do not look scary but yet dangerous. At the beginning of the film Lost World: Jurassic Park, a wealthy family is on their yachting trip and accidentally comes across an island, where their young daughter finds an adorable tiny dinosaur which are known as Compsognathus. The girl tries to feed it. But these dinosaurs tend to hunt in groups, and very soon, a number of small dinosaurs appear and attack the young girl. Although the girl survives, it shows that regardless of age, these dinosaurs are ruthless.

Zara’s Death

We have always seen the Jurassic Park movies being ultra-fine with their slaughtering scenes. However, one of the most worst death scenes comes in the film Jurassic World which is also considered to be the torturous moment of the series. Zara is a babysitter, and her task is to look after Zach and Gray in the park. Later a Pteranodon snatches her and drops her into the pool, where a Mosasaurus eats her. This is really one of the worst scenes ever in the history of Jurassic Park and World movies.

Indominus Rex Makes A Sport Out Of Killing

Indominus Rex is one of the dino-villains in the Jurassic World franchise. But, the filmmakers could have made this dino-villain more effective and bloodthirsty as compared to the other previously shown dinosaurs that have been introduced so far in the series. As the Protagonist of the film Owen along with his love interest, Claire, track the destroyed path through the park by Indominus Rex, they find a slaughtered herd of Apatosaurus. Owen finds that the evil-dino Indominus Rex has not eaten them and killed them just for the fun and sport. This scene is also worst and very heartbreaking.

Two T-Rexes Devour Eddie Carr

In the film Lost World: Jurassic Park, Eddie Carr has been introduced as a small team’s member sent by John Hammond to the island. He is considered to be one of the most valuable team members and also a very nice person. In one of the scenes, he is trying to save his friends as they are about to fall off a cliff. The Two T-Rex dinosaurs make the situation more complicated, but still, he continues to rescue them in order to save their lives. However, he saves the lives of others but is being torn into two by the two T-Rexes. It was really shocking to watch him die in such a cruel and brutal way.

This article concludes the five worst things that the dinosaurs did during the entire film series of Jurassic Park and World.

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