5 Ways Netflix’s Bridgerton Is Better Than Gossip Girl

Bridgerton is a famous streaming TV period drama series that premiered on Netflix on December 25, 2020. It is created by Chris Van Dusen. The show is based on the novels set written by Julia Quinn in the competitive world of Regency London. On the other hand, Gossip Girl is another teen drama TV series that has also gained huge popularity over the years. It is also based on the novel series Gossip Girl, which is written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The show is developed by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz. The show Gossip Girl was broadcast on The CW network on September 19, 2007. Both the shows are adapted from novels and include various debutants.

The characters on the show have high-sounding surnames like Bridgerton, Van der Woodsen, Waldorf, and Featherington. Both the show depicts the father issues, mother issues, and many other rich people problems. Each character portray their beautiful role in their own way during the show. In this article, we have discussed the five ways in which Bridgerton is better than Gossip Girl.

Better Diversity

Producer Shonda Rhimes practiced colorblind casting when choosing actors of different ethnicities which held no bearing to the fact that in this period of history all the Downtown Abbey-type upstairs residents would have been caucasian. In fact, the show was accused of being too diverse – as though that actually could be a thing.

Better Love Scenes

Gossip Girl was full of romantic entanglements: Blair and Nate, Nate and Serena, Blair and Chuck, Chuck and many, many women. Their activity unfolded on beds with 600-count sheets, in the back of limos, and even on the bars of New York hot spots. But none of these intertwined beautiful couples could compare to Simon (Regé-Jean Page) and Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor).

Better Leading Man

Dan (Penn Badgley), Nate (Chase Crawford), and Chuck (Ed Westwick) not to mention Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Eric (Connor Paolo) were indeed the hottest guys on the Upper East Side and it’s no shock that they were magnets for the show’s equally sought-after women. None, however, ever generated the heat of new It Guy, Regé-Jean Page. Rhimes first cast him as a lawyer in For The People and appeared in the remake of Roots, but it’s Bridgerton that has made him the talk of the town and a candidate to embody James Bond.

Better Meet-Cute

On Gossip Girl, the gang knew each other in high school. Bridgerton’s bunch was so much more interesting. The charming and angelic Daphne is presented to society, yet the men are not lining up for her hand. Told by her brother that disinterest on her part brings about interest from suitors and another man’s attention will make her more desirable leads her to strike a deal with the Duke of Hastings – a man who’s vowed never to marry or procreate – that they pretend they’re involved.

Better Anonymous Writer Reveal

Fans listened to lovable Kristen Bell voice GG, but ultimately found out it was the lonely boy from Brooklyn, Dan, giving TMI about the Upper East Side group. It kind of came out of nowhere, but everyone – cast and audience alike – accepted the betrayal of trust and moved on. Not lithe nor sporting silky, flaxen hair, the girl who couldn’t get the guy seemed not confident or savvy enough to pull off such a societal coup.

This article concludes the five ways in which we can say that Bridgestone is a better TV series on Netflix than Gossip Girls.

Source: https://v7mcafee.com/5-ways-netflixs-bridgerton-is-better-than-gossip-girl/

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