Adachi & Shimamura: Questions Raised by the Conclusion of Season 1

Season 1 of Adachi & Shimamura introduced viewers to the deuteragonists of the series who developed a close friendship. While Shimamura considers Adachi a friend only, the latter has started having strong feelings for the former. They go on several adventures together, hangouts at the mall to karaoke to holiday get-together on Valentine’s Day and Christmas. They even met a blue-haired alien girl in one of these adventures and grew close to each other. But the season finale concluded raising some very important questions. With the hope that season 2 of the show will answer all these burning questions, today we look at some of them to have an overview of season 1.

Shimamura’s Feelings

Shimamura is one of the most complex and deceptive characters that one can find in anime. She appreciates Adachi for making her life so colorful and beautiful but she is not sure if she is capable of doing what her best friend wants most. Although Adachi is sure of her romantic feelings for her friend, Shimamura is unclear. Despite Adachi’s several intimate risks, Shimamura remains vague. It is sometimes sad to see how Adachi’s overtures are ignored by her. She makes it very clear for Shimamura that she wishes to be more than just friends with her but, Shimamura’s indecision keeps them away from each other. She is grateful for her friendship with Adachi but self-doubt keeps her from sharing any feelings she might have for her friend. 

Will Tarumi and Adachi Become Rivals?

The characters in Adachi & Shimamura are very vague about their feelings for others. Their dialogues never truly reveal what they feel and there is always a lot of uncertainty. A better way to understand what they might have on their minds will be to look at their actions rather than their words. Unlike Adachi, Tarumi is very secretive about her feelings for Shimamura. So, she never confesses her feelings outright but one can clearly see that she is infatuated with her childhood friend. Tarumi and Shimamura used to be best friends in their childhood but they drifted apart over time. However, they have reunited again in Episode 7 through a chance reunion.

While Adachi is wandering around the town thinking deeply about her life, she bumps into Tarumi in a pet store. It was Episode 11, and they have not met each other before that. However, it can be a symbolic representation of the clash they might late have over Shimamura. Tarumi has made several compliments that clearly show that she has a romantic interest in Shimamura. But Shimamura values Adachi’s friendship more than anyone else. Adachi had self-doubts and fear but in the coming season, she might have a much bigger challenge. 

Nagafuji and Hino

Nagafuji’s feelings for Hino are quite obvious. They have been best friends since early childhood so they have a lot of history. They have grown up with each other and despite having different personalities, they have remained friends for so many years. Together they make an odd pair as Hino is straightforward and harsh while Nagafuji is gentle. Season 1 had several awkward moments between them as they randomly kissed each other on the forehead and even shared a bath. Although Nagafuji never confesses it is quite obvious that she is in love with her best friend. 

As the stories unfold, more and more intricacies of the two-relationship came out. Both relationships are similar as they have one person with a desire for more than just friendship while the other is vague about the decision. However, internal conflicts are quite different. Shimamura is reluctant to get into a relationship because she is afraid of getting attached to someone while Hino just wants to be free herself of familial obligations. Hino and Nagafuji’s relationship appear to be progressing faster in comparison to Adachi and Shimamura as the former couple has known each other for a much longer time.

Adachi and Shimamura seem to have a bright future. Season 1 was liked by a lot of people who are desperately waiting for the next season. Although three crucial questions raised by season 1 of the show are mentioned above, there are still several others that have puzzled the fans. The fans will love to know where Adachi’s father really is and Why does Yashiro spend so much time with Shimamura’s family? Will Hino be able to free herself from the family obligations and live the life she wants? The upcoming season of Adachi and Shimamura will hopefully answer all the questions raised by the conclusion of the first season.


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