Best Way to Use the Microsoft Family Safety App

Microsoft launched its Family Safety app as a response to the Family Link app of Google. Family Safety app not only provides you with an insight into the activities of your child while using a phone but also regarding their current location. Moreover, it allows the users to set time limits while using any app and game time. Previously, the Family Safety app was only functional as an app allowing users to exercise their parental control over their children using the computer in Windows 10. Now, the app is available in preview for iOS devices and Android devices.


The Ways to Use Microsoft Family Safety App

There are some prerequisites to use Microsoft Family  Safety. First, you should have a Microsoft Family Safety Group. Second, Your child should have a Microsoft launcher and Internet Explorer or Edge already installed on his phone.  Third, your child should be added to the Family Safety group. Now, you can start following the steps:-

  • Click on the link of Microsoft Family Safety group to start it.
  • When you are prompted to Sign-in, click on it.
  • After then, click on Create a family group to start the process.
  • While following the steps to “Create a family group”, you will be required to answer the questions.
  • These questions may include your current region and number of children in your family along with their ages.
  • After getting logged into your Microsoft account, choose the link Add a member.
  • When you click on Add, a member, it will start adding the names of family members in the Family group.
  • Further, prompts will appear to you to add new family members to the Family group.
  • In case, you have to add a spouse then tap on Organizer.
  • If you have to add a child in your family group, then choose Member.
  • After entering email id and accurate captcha code, choose Send Invite.
  • When you will add the child account first then make sure that Organizers can see them in your Microsoft Family Safety group.
  • Go to the account of your child and choose Manage permissions.
  • After that, enable permissions for organizers under all appearing sections.
  • Your child will receive the invitation in his email to join the Microsoft Family Group. Let him open the email and then click on Join Now.
  • Once your child joins the group, they will need to get Microsoft app launcher installed on their phone to allow you to track their current location.
  • The app is available currently for Android and so helps your child to get the app permissions for Microsoft launcher along with enabling the settings for location.
  • Microsoft Family Safety group will take some time to get synced with Microsoft Launcher app.
  • After then, you can open the menu section to see the multiple options.

Monitor  Your child mobile Usage with Microsoft Family Safety

Once you get your Microsoft Family Safety group synced successfully then, it will allow you to control various things along with activities of your child on the mobile device.

  • To access multiple settings along with enabling and disabling monitoring overall, Go to Activity tab and click on it.
  • Then go to the Activity reporting tab and enable it.
  • Click on weekly Email reports to me and enable it if you want to receive updates through email notifications about the mobile usage of your child.
  • Click on Screen Time to control the time limit your child is spending on using his device. However, the Screen Time settings are currently available only for Xbox and Windows 10 and not for mobile phones.
  • On enabling app and game limits, you can block your child from using some specific apps. Also, you can restrict your child’s time range on some specific devices.
  • You can enable Content restrictions to manage certain apps and content on age restrictions so your child cannot access it if he is below that certain age limit.
  • At the bottom of the Content restrictions page, you can block certain websites or allow for sometimes irrespective of the fact which browser is used by your child.
  • While enabling the page Spending, your child will require permission before buying any app from the online store of Microsoft. Also, you can add money to your child’s Microsoft account balance.
  • Find your child is one of the coolest and most useful features in Microsoft Family Safety. It will help you to know where your child is at a particular moment.

Microsoft Family Safety: For Android

Microsoft Family Safety app can be a useful option to exercise parental control if your child has an Android device. However, you can exercise your parental control through Microsoft Family Safety app. You can talk to your child to convince them to set up the requirements.


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