How to Troubleshoot the Error Code 0x97e107df in Xbox

Though there are so many issues that arise in Xbox. But, Error code 0x97e107df could be the most irritating one. It affects the complete usability of the Xbox console. Users will not be able to run their games and other applications. While using your Xbox and running programs, if your console is also displaying an error message with Error Code 0x97e107df, then this article will help you to get rid of it.

Here is how to troubleshoot the Error code 0x97e107df in Xbox:

·      Check your Xbox Live Services

·      Check and test your network connection

·      Log out your Xbox account and log in again

·      Try hard resetting your Xbox console

These solutions will help you fix the annoying Error code 0x97e107df and once again you will be able to use your console as earlier. Just use these troubleshooting solutions on the console showing the Error code 0x97e107df issue. Here is how.

Check your Xbox Live Services

In order to check the service status of your Xbox Live, you need to go to the Xbox website or Xbox official account on Twitter. Therefore, you need to use a computer to visit it and check your Xbox Live services.

1.   Open a browser on any device you can use.

2.  Check the Xbox website or Twitter account.

3.   On both platforms, you can check complete details about your Xbox Live services status.

Check and test your network connection

If you don’t find the first solution helpful, then you can check and try troubleshooting your network connection. However, in order to fix problems with your network, your Xbox should be connected through a wired connection rather than wireless. If it already is, then you can start running diagnostics with the below steps.

Steps to run diagnostics:

1.   Start your Xbox.

2.   Now, hold your controller and click the ‘Xbox’ button.

3.   From the guide, select ‘Settings.’

4.   Then go to ‘All Settings.’

5.   Select ‘Network.’

6.   And go to ‘Network Settings.’

7.   Now, Start ‘Test next connection’.

Now, you may have to reset your MAC address.

Steps to reset MAC address:

1.   Go back to ‘Settings.’

2.   And open the ‘All Settings’.

3.   Select ‘Network’

4.   And then go to ‘Advanced Settings.’

5.   Select an ‘Alternate MAC address.’

6.   Select ‘Clear.’

7.   Now, restart your Xbox to apply changes.

Log out your Xbox account and log in again

You can try removing and re-adding your Xbox account. Here is how.

1.   Start your Xbox.

2.   Now, click the ‘Xbox’ button on your Xbox controller.

3.   Select ‘Home.’

4.   Now, highlight your gamerpic to select your account.

5.   And then select ‘Log out.’

6.   After removing your account, close ‘Settings.’

7.   And restart your Xbox.

8.   Repeat the same process and login with your account again.

Now, see if this troubleshoots the Error Code 0x97e107df in your Xbox.

Try hard resetting your Xbox console

Hard resetting an Xbox console is very simple and helps in to troubleshoot various error code issues. Here is how can you hard reset your Xbox console.

1.   In order to hard reset your console, your Xbox should be turned on. If your console is not, then turn it on before performing the further steps.

2.   Now, Press your Xbox’s ‘Power’ button and hold it for at least 10 seconds or even more until your Xbox shuts down.

3.   Don’t press the ‘Power’ button just after your console shuts down. Wait for at least one or more minutes.

4.   Now, press your console’s ‘Power’ again to turn it on.


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