How to Improve Wi-Fi Signal of Smartphone

Having good Wi-Fi with the proper signal can move faster than physical speed. You can hear the radio, watch videos, music, and many more things if you have a fast Wi-Fi on the internet. However, if you are not getting a proper Wi-Fi signal, there’s no advantage of having fast internet. The problem happening from the Wi-Fi signal can be solved if you make some right steps toward the router. So let’s improve the signal of Wi-Fi to make it work faster.


Check into the Software Side

On the path of doing Wi-Fi work properly, check the software version if it is up to date or not. If the software is not updated, then update it as soon as possible. The software of router and smartphone needs to be updated for better connectivity. Check if you are not using a VPN because it can slow down the speed and strength. If you are using any of these things, so just stop it.

Every router has a different way of connection. Some router can connect with the mobile device directly, and some need to connect through the web. So keep checking the latest update of router and device. If there is an automatic update feature available, then just enable it, and you may not face signal issues in the future.

Eliminate the Interference

The next mode of the problem can be your device cover. Your smartphone case can be the reason for slow signal strength because there are thick metal exists in cases. It stops the signal antennas to work properly. Most people don’t know about it; neither look into this situation, so if your smartphone case is not right, just change it. Smartphones can use 2.4GHz and 5Ghz signals. You need to set the signal to 5Ghz and try to move less if they are so many walls in your home.

Test Out the Connection

If several Wi-Fi networks are available on your side, verify that you have connected to the right Wi-Fi. Avoid connecting with a weak signal.

  1. Try to connect with a 5Ghz signal, but it is not available then at least use 2.4Ghz for some better connectivity.
  2. Disconnect with the connection and connect with it again. It will resolve and refresh the IP, and your problem might get solved.
  3. Restart the device to refresh every setting with a signal.
  4. Make Some Right Changes with Router
  5. You can try an app “Wi-Fi Analyzer” that will show the problem happening with your Wi-Fi.
  6. Turn off the router by unplugging and plug it again to begin the connectivity from the beginning.
  7. Make sure the antennas of the router are pinned in the right direction.
  8. Put the router higher than furniture.
  9. Make sure the optimal cooling of the router is on to keep it cool.

Upgrade the Router

After trying every major point and if your problem is not solving, the final step you need to take is now to upgrade the router. Changing the router is never a preferred choice, so if you have any other option, just try it. If there is any hardware issue in the router, then you need to check it up, just replace the router. Sometimes in a big house, the signal doesn’t reach every corner, so choose a router that has higher signal strength. There are several types of routers available in the market to try.


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