Fortnite again comes up with some amazing ideas and skin in the game, which is about Travis Scott. The skin of Travis Scott is unlockable, but for that in the map, Astro heads exist that players need to find out first. It’s an event that looks way more interesting because in the world there are numerous fans of Travis Scott exist. Well, there are multiple challenges to accomplish to unlock the skin of Travis in the game. Bouncing off all five giant is one of those challenges that players need to eventually complete to unlock the skin. There is a total of three challenges available, but completing these challenges could take some time. However, the more and most important task to do is to track down all the Astro heads on the map.


At the beginning of season 2, Epic Games announced that they would be a bit easier on the challenges, but eventually, challenges keep coming, and they are interesting rather than easy. Well, it is not unfortunate because players are able to unlock amazing skins and items through these event challenges, and this one challenge is worth playing. Players should complete it as soon as possible, so here are the following locations of every Astro head on the map.

Locate the Giant Astro Heads to Bounce off them in Fortnite

The locations of newly Giant Astro Heads located on the Sweaty Sands and one on The Shark Bay, which is newly added locations of Chapter 2 of Season 2. On these two locations, players can find their Astro heads by looking down on the Bayside.

On the left side of the Sweaty Sands, you can see your first Astro head, and near that on the right side, you can see your second Astro head. The third Giant head will be visible on the hill on the ahead direction of the second Giant head. The Forth head is existing on the island in the center of the bay near the crashed airplane. Your final Astro head will be available at the lighthouse of the bay that is facing on the side Shark. Every head that you will find is not so far from each other. If you find one, you will be continuous will find others as well by going a little further.

Once you find out every Giant head, you need to hop on every single head once even though they look like bouncy. That is the challenge you need to finish by bouncing off on every giant head. The team rumble mode is great because, in that mode, you will have unlimited lives and also redeploys that makes this challenge easier to do.

In real life, personality collection in-game, Travis’s skin makes so much sense, and also, it is one of the best skin in the battle royale game. Many popular streamers have unlocked this skin, and they really appreciated this event and its reward of completion. The first real personality skin was Marshmallow skin that was also attractive, and now they continued with the same through Travis Scott skin. After completing the challenge, you will find it in your collection


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