Nvidia’s Geforce Now Loses Access to Titles from Warner Bros and Xbox Game Studio

The trending cloud gaming service, Nvidia GeForce Now is ceased to lose titles from Warner BrosXbox Game StudiosKlei Entertainment, and Codemasters. The subsequent news has been proclaimed by Nvidia, and they added that the titles will be removed after 24th April 2020.


Although the news will definitely spread despair among gamers across the globe it will sadden especially those who are fans of popular games such as Gear of War or Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As soon these games will not allow GeForce to access them, as ordered by Xbox Game Studios. Whereas Warner Bros will be restricted GeForce from its popular game included Batman: Arkham alongside Mortal Kombat. In the following race of boycotting Nvidia GeForce Now, Codemasters and Klei Entertainment are also taking part. The popular racing game developer, Codemasters will restrict GeForce from access to its popular games including Dirt Series. Whereas Klei Entertainment will stop it from visiting its popular games such as Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve.

Although, Nvidia GeForce Now is a popular game streaming platform it differentiates with others as it is too controversial. Several companies have already filed various lawsuits against it and their accusation stated that Nvidia GeForce Now didn’t inform publishers while selling games licenses for accessing into the cloud. In reference to this concern, Nvidia has taken its support from GeForce after subsequent allegations.

The following accusations were seemed to be disobedience until Nvidia GeForce Now launched their beta version for free. However, the real conflict occurs when Nvidia starts charging 4.99$ per month for it. Thus, it triggers the mind of its co-up publishers and they start restricting Nvidia GeForce Now from their games.

While being interviewed, the vice president of GeForce Now, Phil Eisler stated that the removal of the games from their streaming platform is a deliberate decision of the company. He added that they are about to include the service with digital game stores which will result in help to the publishers. He said that Publishers can now tag their game whenever they publish a new one and it is more authentic alongside the easy way to add games to the service library.

Although, it is not yet clear who removed those games and why but Nvidia GeForce Now vice-president also added that they are still allowing the gamers to stream popular games such as Far Cry and Assassin Creed. Whether it is a sort of enticing tactic or a real statement, we are still unaware of it. Talking about Microsoft and Warner Bros, they haven’t proclaimed or stated anything about the following context.

Source: https://smnorton.com/nvidias-geforce-now-loses-access-to-titles-from-warner-bros-and-xbox-game-studio/

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