In the name of brutal and deadly characters, Resident Evil is always ready to surprise their fans. In Resident Evil 3 Remake version, the Nemesis hunting is a scary thing, but there are way more surprising things that players should know while discovering and playing further. This survival horror game has maintained its status in gaming by showing monsters and parasites. Every previous version has something improved and interesting, whether it is about characters or plots. This Resident Evil 3 Remake introduced Nemesis, who is behind the player relentlessly as they are looking for escaping the city.


Against Nemesis, players have several chances to avoid it because Nemesis will encounter with players in the game several times. There are several monsters in Resident Evil 3 Remake that players will square off. One of the particular creatures in the game is “Drain Deimos” that players will encounter on the sub train station.

When will Encounter Happen with Parasites in Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the use of lockpick on the sub train station, players will encounter “Drain Deimos” for the first time. After that, a small insect will leap on Jill to inject with parasites without any warning. Form this incident, Jill’s health will start the change in which walking slowly, and the red color screen will start to happen. In the inventory screen, if the player checks, they will see the health marked with parasites. The health will start to turn purple, which is an indication of the parasite. Jill system is completely overrun through parasites, and from that thing, players have to get rid of.

Everything that happened without any idea or warning and now situation are clear. In the sub-station room, players will find gardening tools where players will get to know to adjust it through the green herb. While playing keep in mind to pick up everything from the missions. If there is a green herb available, then use it in the inventory screen, and Jill’s body will throw the parasite from her body rapidly. After that, get rid of that parasite through a shotgun on the floor. It will improve the health of Jill, and it will start to recover at a rapid rate.

While moving around after the incident, Jill will start to move around normally. In the area, players are required to reset circuit breakers because the complete area is stopped because of “Drain Deimos.” It is great that in this area, players can find green herb easily and wet able to utilize that too. Players can keep the green herb in an alternative way too if they feel they might need it in further levels as well. From this activity, players will complete an achievement named “I Might Need This Later.”


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