A true fan of Final Fantasy knows how addictive this series of games is. In the category of best RPG games, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is trending on top. Square Enix did a great work of launching the remake of the game with various new characters and monsters. In the game, the main villain is Shinra, who is willing to taking over the planet through sucking the blood of life forms. Cloud and his teammate were walking over to stop every villain from their areas from the help of team strength. Avalanche, the teammate of Cloud stuck on the path because Shinra’s officers, Machines, and Turks are blocking the way to move further.


The second strongest villain of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Crab Warden, who can take down Cloud and Avalanche on the same from its weapons and firepower. After clearing enemies in the railway station and spending some time there, the mascot “Stamp” was left behind from scout. Then Cloud and his teammates come across Crab Warden in their path to force them to engage in the battle of deathmatch. To win that match, here are the guides to follow.

Defeat Crab Warden in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Crab Warden is packed with weapons that can clear anyone who comes in its path and also way more challenging than any other villain in the game. While battling with Crab Warden, there are a total of three phases of the battle. In the second and third, the rise of damage and mobility increases. To defeat Crab, electricity is much effective, but it has an item that can immune it from all types of attacks, even if it is slow, poison, silence, or anything else. In the first phase of the battle, try to attack the legs of Crab to keep it unsteady in the battle so it will take time to attack the player. The crab will attack through fire cannon and machine-gun attacks, and the main aim will be on Cloud. The enemy will ignore other team members on the field. To defend yourself from Missiles Barrage, it is better to avoid, but players can block them too. While doing it, keep other character attacks on the legs of Crab and keep weakening its legs as fast as possible.

In the second phase of the battle, Crab will call out for its Slug-rays for stun Cloud and other members from electric beams. Defend from this attack through Lightning magic and Barret while avoiding the barrage missile of Crab. Try to destroy the legs of Crab from Flame thrower and Wildfire. These attacks will be much effective against the enemy, but in the third phase, these will not be in much help. Keep maintaining the distance while using a flamethrower on the legs and use Cloud’s triple slash to attack three targets at the same time with more serious damage. Tifa will use its Omnistrike move, which was before uppercut. It will give serious damage to Crab this phase of the battle will over too.

Stage three-phase is the final phase of the battle and the most difficult part of this battle. Crab Warden will gain Surge and will charge take Charge. In this phase, usage of Wildfire and flamethrower shouldn’t be stopped because their damage and frequency of use will increase. The Surge will take time to start the battle, which means players will have time to move to those areas where they get less damage. While this incident battle, Crab will stay immobile. The Crab Warden will use salvo launchers, and the health meter will be bigger than the legs. This time Crab will be much weaker, and after defeating Surge, Charge will take the lead. Tackle the attack of Charge at keep using the attacks to take down both of the enemies.

The Crab will be defeated, and it will reward a huge amount of EXP level to players and special Metal Knuckle for character Tifa. Defeating bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a big challenge itself. Without the help of teamwork and strategy, it is impossible for one player to defeat any villain.


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