How To Recover Files Deleted By McAfee On Your Computer

Several Windows as well as Mac users, often complain about losing data and files on their PC mainly due to virus attacks which crash the entire system and corrupt files and data get stored in the storage section. Users face great disappointment in losing the important files and data specifically when it cannot be recovered. Majority of users report that they remove their files accidentally and mainly due virus attack in the system. Besides this, very few users know that they can restore the deleted files by using McAfee antivirus on their computer. Recovering files with McAfee is as easy as it sounds. So if you are a McAfee user and do not know how to recover the deleted files by using the antivirus, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best ways on how you can recover the deleted file by McAfee antivirus in no time.






Here are the steps to recover deleted files by McAfee antivirus


  • First of all, choose the desired data location of where you have saved the lost files, whether in a drive or in a folder.
  • After successfully locating the place of those deleted files, open it on your PC whether it is an entire drive or a specific folder.
  • Now, go to the main desktop of your computer and double click on the McAfee antivirus icon available on the desktop.
  • After opening up of McAfee successfully, click on the Scan option available at the bottom left corner of the antivirus’ newly appeared box.
  • Click on the Scan option to check if those deleted files exist on the system or not. Generally, scanning is quite straightforward and takes a couple a couple of minutes to complete.
  • After the scan has been completed, check if McAfee has successfully located those deleted files or not. Users recover such deleted files most of the time.
  • After locating the deleted files, choose the Deleted Files option to show the deleted files and select the ones you want to recover.
  • An option is available there to help you out in selecting the deleted files, click on it to select the files in no time.
  • After selecting the deleted files, you want to restore, right-click on the selected files and select the Restore option from the list.
  • Wait for a minute till the process gets finished, and you have successfully recovered the deleted files on your computer with McAfee.

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