How to Troubleshoot YouTube Fullscreen Glitch in Google Chrome

Do you want to watch your favorite movie on your computer in full screen? But what happens when the YouTube full-screen button becomes unresponsive in your device? No doubt it’s annoying. Many YouTube users have encountered this issue in their device. This problem can arise in any browser and device, not just in Google Chrome. If you’re also encountering the same issue in Google Chrome, then try these troubleshooting solutions.



Here is how to troubleshoot YouTube full-screen glitch in Google Chrome.

Although most of the time, closing and reopening Chrome or restarting the computer fixes the issue, you can also try this. If it doesn’t work, then here are some fixes to troubleshoot the full-screen problem.

Start with these Quick Fixes

•    Refresh the page

Many times web pages don’t load correctly, and this is the possible cause for the glitch. A web page loads incorrectly because of the connection issue and cancellation of the loading before the page loads fully. Maybe you’ve already tried refreshing the page. If not, then click the ‘Reload this page’ button at the upper left corner YouTube page. You can also press ‘F5’ button on your keyboard to refresh the page in Chrome. This time, make sure that the page loads completely.

•    Try YouTube full-screen mode with Chrome isn’t maximized

If Chrome covers your complete screen when you open it in the full screen, then this issue may surface. You can try this trick to troubleshoot the issue, click the ‘box’ button next to ‘X’ button at the top right corner to quit Chrome full screen. If you’re a Mac user, then click on the ‘Green’ button instead. Now, try to open the YouTube video in full-screen mode.

•    Try using Google Chrome in full-screen mode

If you click the full-screen button of your YouTube video, but it isn’t displaying fully on your desktop, then make sure to open the Chrome in full screen. Press the ‘F11’ button in Windows or ‘Command + Shift + F’ in Mac to open Chrome on your screen. Doing so also expands the content in it.

•    Close and relaunch your Chrome browser

If none of the above solutions troubleshoot the YouTube full-screen glitch in your Chrome, then maybe your browser is not loading correctly. Begin again from the start, close your Chrome browser. And, after a minute, re-launch it, and go to ‘YouTube’. Play any video you’d like and try opening it in full-screen mode.

•    Close programs and reboot your computer

Restarting the device also works. Just open the Start menu and click on the ‘Power’ icon. Then choose ‘Restart’ and wait for your computer to reboot. Now, launch ‘Chrome’ and try playing the video you want in the full-screen mode.

In most cases, these solutions work and troubleshoot the YouTube full-screen glitch in Google Chrome.

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