How to Check Who Has Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has become a popular video-sharing website and it is also a good platform for marketing. A lot of people have their own channels on YouTube. If you wish to check who has subscribed to your YouTube channel, then follow the instructions mentioned below.


Steps to Check Who Has Subscribed to Your YouTube Channel on the Windows PC

•    By going to the upper right-hand side of YouTube, you will get a circle that shows an avatar.

•    The avatar is your account profile picture, which is presented by the alphabet which is commonly the first alphabet of the YouTube channel name.

•    You have to click on the YouTube channel name for opening any other options.

•    You will get the small menu with other YouTube channel option on the screen.

•    Choose the YouTube Studio option.

•    Choose the Creator Studio option.

•    The menu list depends on the YouTube you are currently using.

•    You can do this procedure by going to the website index webpage.

•    You have to find the Community option in the Studio option.

•    In case you do not find the Community option, then YouTube will show you the latest version of the “Creator Studio.”

•    To return to the oldest version, search and press on the Creator Studio Classic option.

•    This option is provided at the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Otherwise, find it on the Channel textbox.

•    In case you wish to return to the old version of Creator Studio, then YouTube will offer you a section where you have to choose the reason for leaving a new version.

•    Choose one reason.

•    Press on the Skip option.

•    This option is located in the end right-hand side of the screen.

•    Go back to the old version of the Creator Studio.

•    Go through the dashboard.

•    Click on the Community option by pressing on it.

•    YouTube will open the Comments section.

•    Click on the Subscribers option to check who has subscribed to your YouTube channel.

•    You can also hide the YouTube subscriptions.

•    If you do so, then you can’t check who has subscribed to your channel.

Steps to Search for the Subscriber Count on Your iPhone or Android

•    Type the YouTube application.

•    Click on the avatar provided on the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    Search for the “My Channel” option in the menu list.

•    Click on the “My Channel” option.

•    The YouTube application will open the channel webpage.

•    It will show you the subscriber count next to the upper side of the display.

To complete this procedure on your Android, follow the steps mentioned below:

•    Go to the YouTube application.

•    You need to click on its symbol.

•    Log in to the YouTube account.

•    Click on the avatar located on the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    You will get the Account option on the screen.

•    You will get an image with the name of the YouTube channel and an arrow near to it.

•    Press on the arrow.

•    You will get a new window on your desktop.

•    On that window, you will get the subscriber count.

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