5 AirPods and Powerbeats Alternatives to Buy in 2019

It is not necessary to pay a hefty amount for AirPods or Powerbeats to get ideal wireless earbuds. You can even get almost the same quality at less price. If you are not sure about the best affordable wireless headphones, they are mentioned over here for you. Have a look.


1. Creative Outlier Air

If you wish to have the best all-around earbuds, the Creative Outlier Air is one of the best options for you. They come with dual-codec support of AAC and aptX, which make them stand out from others in the market. These earbuds are perfect AirPods alternatives for athletes as they feature IPX5 water-resistant build. You can charge the case through USB, and the battery life of the Creative Outlier Air is 7.78 hours. For calling, the quality of the in-built microphone is excellent as well.

2. Monoprice True Wireless

Monoprice True Wireless earbuds deliver the best sound and come in a compact form. They are IPX4-rated and have an appealing design also. You can easily control playback directly through earbuds. Get these earbuds directly from Amazon at a nominal price.

3. Jam Ultra

The connectivity and design is the plus point of Jam Ultra earbuds. These earbuds connect swiftly and boast a secure connection after pairing. They are sweat-resistant and perfect for using while traveling. The out-of-the-box cloth-wrap design makes them look unique overall. Those who love bass in music will love these earbuds.

4. JLab JBuds Air Executive

JLab JBuds Air Executive earbuds come IP55-rated and assure water- and dust-resistance. The battery life is outstanding as well. You can charge them quickly through the included charging case with a USB charging cable. Excellent isolation is being offered with these JLab earbuds also. The AAC support is there, but the aptX is missing in them. Still, AAC support will be beneficial for iPhone users. You will have to get these earbuds directly from JLab’s official website though.

Use these earbuds for business and travel. There are two microphones to make the calling experience amazing. When it comes to EQ settings, there are three featured in these earbuds – Bass Boost, Balanced, and JLab Signature. Ultimate comfort is assured with the included Cloud Foam Eartips too.

5. Rowkin Ascent Micro

If you want the earbuds with the best battery life, the Rowkin Ascent Micro are the ones that you need to buy. They might be more costly than others but worth it. These earbuds are also designed especially for athletes and offer outstanding grip for sweaty hands. The drawback of the Rowkin Ascent Micro is that there is no AAC or aptX support. But, IPX5 water-resistance is there along with touch-capacitive housings. The charging case is almost the same as AirPods. If we consider the mic quality, these earbuds boast omnidirectional microphones, which are ideal for regular calls in a quiet environment but not where there is too much noise. The Rowkin Ascent Micro is readily available on Amazon for buying.

All in all, these are the best five AirPods alternatives that you can consider for buying. There are also a few more great options such as Anker Soundcore Liberty Air and JLab JBuds Air for using as well. They might not be as good as the expensive ones but do justice to their price value. Choose the ideal one from the list for regular or casual use!

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