How to Open Files Using Command Prompt

There are several things you can perform in Command Prompt on your Windows 10 PC. The command prompt interface looks frightening because of the particular syntax or code, graphics interface, and command line. If you have entered a wrong command or code, then it will not mix up the computer. In this article, you will get to know how to open files using Command Prompt.

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Steps to Open Files Using Command Prompt

•    Enter Cmd in the search box.

•    Press on the application to open it.

•    In case you are using the Windows 8, then choose the magnifying glass symbol by going to the context menu.

•    If you directly want to go to the file, then the Command Prompt asks you to type a particular path.

•    The command prompt resembles a  “C:\Users\Lela\Desktop\audiocut.jpg.”

•    The file gets open on the application, but you can also choose any other application to open that file.

•    Go through the command syntax: Path-to-app app-EXE-name path-to-file FileName.FileExtension.

•    The exact command resembles a “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Photoshop.exe” “C:\Users\Lela\Desktop\audiocut.jpg.”

Steps to Close Files Using Command Prompt

•    To close files using Command Prompt is easy and it goes through the taskkill /im filename.exe /t syntax

•    Here is the example of the command: taskkill/im i_view64.exe /t.

•    Now, this command will close all the folders and files which are running on your desktop.

•    You have to use it properly so that you do not lose any of your file or data.

Steps to Open Folders Using Command Prompt

•    If you want to open folders, then you need to follow the given syntax:  start %windir%\explorer.exe path-to-folder.

Go through the example exact command: start %windir%\explorer.exe “C:\Users\Lela\Desktop.“

•    It is compulsory to copy the commands for opening the folders and files by not using the administrator rights.

•    Make sure that you use the command after removing the full stop from it.

Steps to Move files and folders

•    You can use the Command Prompt to go to the folder which includes the file which you are searching for. The syntax resembles a cd path-to-folder. Check the syntax example: cd C:\Users\Lela\Desktop.

•    After opening the folder, enter the file name which you are searching for and after that, press on the Enter button.

Steps to Run Basic Programs

•    Once you have entered the command, click on the Enter button.

•    You will get the provided program on your screen after a few minutes.

•    Ensure that there is a gap between the Start section and the name of the program.

•    It is possible that still some of the applications will not work.

•    This might be because the folder is not situated in the Command Prompt search path.

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