Guide To Apple’s New Voice Control And Its Usage

AI is advancing in a flourishing manner for the betterment, and with the latest development made by Apple, every individual is now capable of using advanced tech like iPhone, iPad, and Mac by simply using their voice.


Apple recently introduced a new feature to their iOS operating systems, namely Voice Control. This new feature enables any person to operate their Apple devices with the use of different voice commands.

User can access their iPad, iPhone, and Mac completely by using their voice, which allows physically challenged users to access their smart devices and enjoy the freedom of using modern technology. Moreover, this new Voice Control feature enables every individual to send texts easily, make calls, navigate through apps, and much more by simply speaking to their device.

Many would relate this new feature to be similar to other voice command accessible devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but the Apple Voice Command feature for all its iOS products will allow users to do much more than such other devices. It is believed that using the voice control feature, users will be able to perform different functions like choosing emojis, open apps, send text messages, and select different options.

This major breakthrough is undoubtedly going to avail Apple product users with unexplored possibilities that will help every individual to do routine tasks on their system with greater ease. Still, it becomes important to understand, that the user will have to use verbal cues to make Siri do whatever task they want to conduct.

The screen will either be divided into grids or each, and every element on the screen which an individual can interact with will be labeled or denoted with different cues. An individual can use these labels or grid cues to command Siri and navigate through there Apple device.

In addition, a user can also command Siri to perform features like long press, swipe, and gestures simply by your voice command. As of now, Apple has only presented a proposed insight of the Voice Control feature during the WWDC presentation, but many tech experts believe this utility feature to be soon out for users to access and control their systems by simple voice commands.

Keeping all aside, some keen observers are speculating as to if this new Voice Control feature may concern the privacy of the individual. To this, Apple has ensured that they are always onto making the data of an individual safe and protected from hampering.

Similarly, the Voice Control tool would ensure complete protection from tampering or unwanted recording of the user voice or action. Hopefully, this new feature would encourage every individual to access mainstream technology with great ease.

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