6 Best Android & iOS Apps for Photographers

If you own a Smartphone and love to click photographs, there are a lot of particular Smartphone photography apps for you. Step up your photography skills by using the best apps for photography that we have mentioned down below.


Here re the best six photography apps for Android & iOS platforms:

1. PhotoPills

You can click ultimate photographs and explore perfect locations for clicking pictures. It lets you align your photos with the moon, sun, or the milky way. Its Augmented Reality mode and 2D map planner adds more value to it. Also, this app provides you lighting information about any particular location for clicking the best photographs. Get the PhotoPills app from Android & iOS app store.

2. Light Pollution Map

The Light Pollution Map is beneficial for those who spend a lot of time shooting the dark skies. It is fully customizable to use the map according to your choice. You can explore the finest observatory spots to see the clear without pollution. Just open the Light pollution map app in your phone before heading out for clicking pictures of the sky. Tracking the International Space Station is possible with the use of this app as well.

3. FotoTool/PhotoBuddy

Whether you are new or  professional with photography, these two photography apps will be ideal for you. FotoTool is available specifically for Android users, and PhotoBuddy can be used in your iOS device. They help evaluate the camera parameters once you provide details associated with your camera in the app. Other than this, there are calculators for time-lapse, long exposures, and star trails. Make the most out of your camera and Smartphone with FotoTool and PhotoBuddy.

4. Canon Camera Connect

When it comes to official apps being offered by manufacturers, Canon Camera Connect is one of the best apps in the market. If you use a Canon camera, you need to have this associated Canon app in your device. You get the option to control the camera that you have remotely and transfer pictures easily through your Smartphone. This particular app will run smoothly on an Android device running on Android 4.4 and above. For iOS, it supports iOS 10.3, 11.4, and 12.1 operating system.

5. PhotoTime / Golden Hour One

Enjoy outdoor photography sessions in the best way possible through the PhotoTime app on Android and Golden Hour One on iOS. These apps help you with finding the best outdoor space for photography. They feature a simple to use and outstanding user interface to allow you to access everything inside the app easily. The Golden Hour One app will show you the weather forecasts to not ruin your photography plan due to bad weather as well. PhotoTime is available for free on the Google Play store for Android users while Golden Hour One will ask for a dedicated amount to access it.

6. The Photographer’s Ephemeris

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is another great app that will help you with planning an outdoor photography session. It shows you your surrounding in the form of 3D so that you can know how the light will come from everywhere. You get the option for both moon and sun photography with this app. Also, The Photographer’s Ephemeris app is capable of detecting elevation and whereabouts automatically. This app is, however, free neither on the Android nor iOS platform. Use these photography apps in your Smartphone to grow and capture the best photographs ever.

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Source:Android & iOS Apps for Photographers

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