How to Adjust the Bass on Your Windows PC

Some of the Windows computers have a Sound setting feature which permits users to add and customize the Equalizer APO. But in most of the Windows computers, you will have to download a third-party equalizer to adjust the bass on your computer. Let’s check out the process to adjust bass on computers.


Steps to Adjust with Windows Sound Settings

•    Press on the Start menu. Press on the Windows symbol given in the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Go to the Sound menu. Enter sound into the search bar and after that, tap on the Sound option at the upper side of the screen. Now, you will get the sound window on the screen.

•    Click twice on the Speakers option. It resembles an olive color speaker symbol and white color box symbol located in the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Firstly, press on the Playback option given in the top left-hand side of the screen.

•    Tap on the Enhancements option. It is located at the upper side of the Speakers Properties screen.

•    Go through the “Equalizer” checkbox. You will get this item in the center of the Speakers Properties screen, and you need to go down to find the Equalizer checkbox.

•    Press on the three dots. It is located on the right-hand column of the “Settings” title near the end of the webpage.

•    Press on the “None” checkbox.

•    Tap on the Bass button.

•    Press on the Save button. It will save the changes you had made in the settings option.

•    Press on the OK button. It is located at the end of the screen.

Steps to Adjust with Equalizer APO for Windows

•    Go to the Equalizer APO’s installation website. Click on the in the browsing application.

•    Press on the Download option. It resembles an olive in the top left-hand column of the webpage.

•    Wait until the installation procedure of the Equalizer APO setup gets finished. Click twice on the Equalizer APO file and after that, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.    Press on the Yes button.

2.    Tap on the Next option.

3.    Press on the I Agree button.

4.    Press on the Next button.

5.    Tap on the Install option.

•    Go through the checkbox next to the title of the speaker.

•    You have to save the change you have made in the settings option.

•    Go through the “Reboot now” checkbox.

•    Press on the Finish button.

•    Go to the Configuration Editor window.

•    Boot the system bass.

•    Press on the Save button.

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