Super Smash Bros: Dead Crab Thrown At Pro During An Ongoing tournament!

A recent incident at the Super Smash Bros. Tournaments was met with a sudden surprise when a dead crab was thrown at the match winner Hungrybox. It was something that no one would have ever expected to occur during a live match.


A controversial paradox was created instantly amongst the gaming community criticizing the occurrence of such a childish act. It was a complete shocker for every individual present in the audience as for few seconds no one got a clue of what has been thrown towards the winner Hungrybox.

The heinous incident took place exactly at the moment when the opponent of Hungrybox was about to leave the stage. Many members at the audience initially though the opponent himself threw the dead crab towards the Hungrybox but later on various footages and clips indicated that the dead crab was thrown from the crowd.

It was something that one could only have imagined happening in a fictional world, but it is indeed a reality that an unknown person suddenly sprung a dead crab out of the blue and intended to violate the sanity of the live tournament at Pound.

Later on, Hungrybox apologized for his instant rude reaction during the event proceedings, but he explained that he won the match on fairgrounds and is not liable to any such violating actions. He told that he was very disappointed and hurt by the actions of an individual and rather people have a right to speak whatever they feel, but they should mind their physical actions which could hurt others feelings.

Hungrybox even posted his apologies on his official Twitter account and stated that some immediate steps should be formulated to undermine the dignity of a player during such live tournaments, and he is sorry for his impulsive outburst.

The said incident got viral within the few hours of the occurring of this controversial incident, and various Twitter handles even managed to post multiple different angles of the controversial occurrence. A handle name with @coneyzz also managed to catch the side angle of the incident and disclosed the entire incident frame by frame.

Previously it has been observed that many of the supporters of a certain player show their frustration if their preferred player loses by throwing banners, soda or even tomatoes but a crab is something out of the box and really unexpected to happen. Surely the officials and analyst have to formulate a particular code of conduct which every organizer should follow while organizing an event. But it will be quite interesting to observe what new rules and code of conducts are formulated to restrain any such actions in the future matches of Super Smash Bros.

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