How to use Windows 10 Ease of Access

Ease of Access is a feature of Microsoft Windows that comes pre-installed in your Windows 10 device. Ease of Access has various options and settings that makes your PC easier to use.  Here is how to access this feature in Windows 10 and use it.


To open Ease of Access in Windows 10 PC:

From the start:

•    Open ‘Start Menu.’

•    Just type ‘ease’ in the search bar at the bottom.

•    Click on ‘Ease of Access Center’ (Control Panel) it should be on top.

From keyboard:

You can use the keyboard shortcut keys to open the Ease of Access directly.

•    Navigate to the desktop.

•    And press ‘Win + U’ on your keyboard.

From Control Panel:

•    Open ‘Control Panel’.

•    Click ‘Ease of Access.’ It is near the bottom.

•    Now, click ‘Ease of Access Center’ at the top in the new window.

From Settings:

•    Open ‘Settings’.

•    Click on ‘Ease of Access’ icon.

These are the ways to open Ease of Access, now here is how to use it.

Accessing the Ease of Access settings:

1.    Open ‘Ease of Access’ from any of the above methods.

2.    You’ll see the menu of the Ease of Access, Narrator, Keyboard, Mouse, Magnifier, etc.

3.    Select an option from the list of which settings you want to change.

To customize settings for Narrator:

The narrator is useful for the person with vision impairment.

1.    Click on ‘Narrator’ from the Ease of Access menu.

2.    Click the switch below ‘Narrator’ to turn it on or off.

3.    Enable the switch below ‘Start Narrator automatically’ to start the Narrator automatically when you open your computer.

4.    Open the top dropdown box and select a voice.

5.    Click and move the ‘Speed and Pitch’ slider to adjust the voice speed and pitch of the narrator’s voice.

6.    Under ‘Sounds you hear,’ select the sound you want to hear.

7.    Under ‘Cursor and keys,’ adjust the audio and visual setting for cursor and keys.

8.    Click the ‘Install braille’ button at the bottom to download it.

To customize settings for Magnifier:

1.    Click on ‘Magnifier’ from the Ease of Access menu.

2.    Click the ‘Turn on Magnifier’ switch to enable it.

3.    Adjust the magnification zoom level.

4.    Select the magnifier options.

5.    Select the magnifier mode.

To customize settings for Color:

1.    Click on ‘Color’ from the Ease of Access menu.

2.    Enable ‘Apple color filter’ with the switch.

3.    Choose a filter from the dropdown button.

4.    Click the High contrast dropdown button and select a theme.

To customize settings for Mouse:

1.    Click on ‘Mouse’ from the Ease of Access menu.

2.    Select a pointer size.

3.    Select a color.

4.    Turn the mouse keys on, you want to use.

To customize settings for Keyboard:

1.    Click on ‘Keyboard’ from the Ease of Access menu.

2.    Click the switch of On-screen keyboard to turn it on.

3.    Enable the Sticky keys as you want.’

4.    Enable the toggle keys.

5.    Select the Filter keys and customize the settings.

That’s it! To customize the settings for other options, select Other Options from the Ease of Access.

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