How to uninstall programs in Ubuntu Linux

If you want to uninstall software from your PC running on Ubuntu Linux operating system, then here are the two different ways you can use in your computer to uninstall Ubuntu software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Ubuntu Linux only or running it with another operating system. You can uninstall programs by using Terminal and Ubuntu software, here is how.


How to uninstall a program by using Terminal

1.    Boot your computer in Ubuntu OS.

2.    Click on the ‘Ubuntu’ icon at the upper-left corner.

3.    In the Ubuntu search bar, type ‘terminal.’

4.    And start searching.

5.    Click ‘Terminal’ to open it. Alternatively, click the ‘Terminal’ app icon on the left side of the desktop to open it directly.

6.    Enter ‘dpkg –list’ in the terminal.

7.    Hit ‘Enter’ button. This will open the list of your installed programs.

8.    In the installed program list, search for the program you want to uninstall.

9.    Now in the terminal, enter ‘app-get –purge remove [Program name]’. Enter the exact and actual name of the program in place of “program name.”

10.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

11.    Enter your superuser (root) password.

12.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

13.    Enter ‘Y’ to confirm the uninstallation.

14.    Hit ‘Enter’ button.

15.    When it will finish, you can close the terminal.

Deletion process will take time according to the size of the program. If the ‘app – get’ command isn’t working properly, try to use ‘sudo aptitude remove program’ command.

How to uninstall a program by using Ubuntu software

Ubuntu Linux operating system has an in-built software management program. It icons looks like an orange suitcase with a white color ‘A’ on it. You can use the Ubuntu Software manager program to remove the programs.

1.    Boot your computer in Ubuntu OS.

2.    Click on the ‘Ubuntu’ icon at the upper-left corner.

3.    In the Ubuntu search bar, type ‘Ubuntu software.’

4.    And start searching.

5.    Click ‘Ubuntu Software’ to open it.

6.    In the Ubuntu software window, switch to the ‘Installed’ tab.

7.    Enter the name of the software in the search to find the program you want to delete.

8.    Or scroll down in the installed program list, if you’d don’t know the name.

9.    Click ‘Remove’ button next to the software to uninstall it.

10.    Click ‘Remove’ or ‘OK’ button, if prompted to confirm your decision.

11.    When complete, close Ubuntu software.

That’s it!

How to uninstall Ubuntu Linux

To uninstall Ubuntu Linux from the computer running on two OS, you need a Windows CD or USB drive. If your computer is only running on Linux OS then by simply reformatting your computer with an installation disc, you can remove Ubuntu.

1.    Insert the disc into your computer.

2.    Reboot your PC.

3.    Boot the installation CD.

4.    Select time and language.

5.    Click ‘Next.’

6.    Click ‘Install Now.’

7.    Enter the Windows product key and click ‘Next.’

8.    Click the ‘I accept’ box, and click ‘Next.’

9.    Select the ‘Custom’ option.

10.    Select the drive in which Ubuntu is installed.

11.    Click ‘Drive options,’ if required.

12.    Click ‘Delete.’

13.    Click ‘OK.’

14.    Click ‘Next.’

15.    Follow the screen instructions to finish installing.

That’s it! Ubuntu Linux will successfully uninstalled from your computer, and now your system will open with a new operating system.

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