How to Set a Move Goal and View Progress in Activity App on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch users find the Activity application already installed in their smartwatch when they purchase it for the first time. Apple Watch’s feature of calorie goal helps the users to know how much calories they have burned in a day and check all the history which they had recorded at the time of the workout.


How to change the Move Goal by Using Activity Application on the Apple Watch?


The users cannot change the exercise and standing ring, they can only change the move goal anytime they wish to. Steps are listed below to know how to change the move goal by using Activity Application on the Apple Watch:


  • Open the “Activity” application by going to the startup display on the Apple Watch.
  • Click the “Firmly” option located on the Apple Watch display.
  • Hit on the “Change Move Goal” option for adjusting the move goal as per the users’ need.
  • The users can change the move goal by clicking on the “Minus” and “Plus” options.
  • Click “Update” located at the end of the display. This option is inside the pink box.


How to Check a Summary of the Weekly Activity on the Apple Watch?


Here, the users get to know how to check a summary of the weekly activity on the apple watch. If the users wish to complete the goals, then they have to work hard for twelve hours daily, they need to exercise for thirty minutes, and then they can complete their move goal every day.

  • Go to the “Activity” application located on the Apple Watch screen.
  • The users need to go down with the help of their “Finger” or the “Digital Crown” to view their everyday activity progress.


When the users go down on the Apple Watch screen, then it will provide the users to check progress in many ways instead of checking in the standing rings. The users can get the same detail by going to the “Activity” application for the iOS device.


How to View the Daily Steps on the Apple Watch?


If the users wish to check the weekly progress on Apple Watch in all seven days, then they can get to know how to view the daily steps on the Apple Watch by following the steps mentioned below:


  • Go to the “Activity” application.
  • Tap on the “Firmly” option located on the Apple Watch screen to open the pop-up menu.
  • Click the “Weekly Summary” option to get a history of the weekly progress.


How to track Activity Progress for the day on the Apple Watch?


In case the users are using the standard fitness tracker, they will see that the step counter feature is not an essential one of the “Activity” application. The Apple Watch has a feature of tracking the steps daily and the users can check it every time they want.


  • Open the “Activity” application on the screen of the Apple Watch.
  • By using the “Digital Crown” or the “Finger” for going down every way towards the end.


How to Save an Image of the Activity Progress in Activity Application?


The Apple Watch has the feature to get the Activity progress of the present day. By using the “Activity” application on the iOS device, the users can check their daily activity progress.

  • Click the “Activities” application by going to the iOS device startup display.
  • Hit the “History” page located in the left-hand column of the Apple Watch screen.
  • Click the particular day of that user wishes to check the “Activity progress & History” page.
  • Click the “Share” option located in the right-hand column.
  • Click “Save Image” option.

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